4 Star Wars: Visions Anime Episodes That Need Their Own Movies Or Series

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Star Wars: Visions anime is finally here! Multiple stories set in the Star Wars universe told by various anime creators combined in an anthology series is now streaming on Disney+. The individual episodes in Visions are so wonderful that you just have to wonder why this was never done before. Star Wars in anime is breathtaking and feels like a match made in heaven. Visions features many different episodes in different anime styles that tell stories to suit all audiences. Not every story has the same effect, but each is just insanely beautiful in their own special way. So much so, that I’m still not satisfied. The episodes in the Star Wars: Visions anime were so impactful, that I think we need a lot more of them. A whole lot more!

So take a look at the 4 Star Wars: Visions anime episodes that absolutely need their own full-length movies or even miniseries.

Note: The following will contain many spoilers for the various episodes of Star Wars: Visions.

The Duel Is One Of The Best Episodes In The Star Wars: Visions Anime Series

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The Duel is the Star War: Visions anime episode that is the most like the Samurai movies that inspired the original in the first place. It sees a village plundered by a group of mercenaries who have no purpose after the Empire’s fall. Led by a mysterious Sith warrior, voiced by Lucy Liu, the village and its inhabitants are at their mercy. Enter a lone Samurai warrior who intervenes and saves everyone. After a tense duel with the equally impressive Sith, the stranger wins but takes a prize for himself.

It’s the unknown story of this stranger that most speaks to the continuation of the story in The Duel into a longer miniseries or movie format. Who is he? Why did he save the village? When he first faces off against the Sith with Force powers, she — and us in the audience — assume he’s a Jedi. However, he then unsheathes his red blade lightsaber, revealing himself to be a Sith too. This is the most interesting question; why a Sith fights another, especially in a way that is more heroic than anything a Sith has ever done.

The ending of this Star Wars: Visions anime episode is even more interesting. The man takes the defeated Sith’s Kyber crystal from her lightsaber and adds it to what looks like a collection of other, red crystals. This implies that he’s defeated other Sith warriors, taking the crystals from their lightsabers as some sort of trophy? The story of a former Sith warrior battling and taking on other Sith in the setting of Feudal Japan would make for an awesomely interesting miniseries or one-shot movie.

The Twins Could Finally Explain The Force Dyad Better Than Rise Of Skywalker

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It’s no secret that I have issues with the final movie in the third trilogy of the mainstream Star Wars movies. However, a concept barely introduced in that movie, that of a Force Dyad is something that could serve as the basis to expand yet another episode of the Star Wars: Visions anime into their own series or movie. The Twins sees twin siblings working in the Empire on the eve of the creation of another massive weapon. However, one twin has a change of heart after a vision threatens the life of his sister. The episode is about the fight between them as one heads into the Light, while the other remains in the Dark. The episode ends with the siblings separated, but the story is seemingly far from over.

Twins are not uncommon in the Star Wars universe. Suns, duality of good and bad, and actual twins are almost a staple of the franchise. Both Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo are twins, sensitive in the Force. In the expanded universe novels, now defunct, Leia even goes on to have twins of her own. The twins in this Star Wars: Visions anime episode, however, are seemingly born of the Dark Side. Quick glimpses imply that they were just cloned or created from a Kyber crystal itself.

A potential series could pick up after the events of this episode, as the good twin finds his way to joining the Republic. While the bad twin, damaged from the fight, both emotionally and physically, attempts to deal with the betrayal of her brother. Their Force abilities could pose even further problems given that their connection would exist, even through vast distances. An episodic format could even go back to fill in the gaps of the origins of these twins. Because how twins could be ‘born from the Dark Side’ is definitely something I need an explanation for!

The Ninth Jedi Could Serve As The Rebels Of A New Alternate Star Wars Universe

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One of the most interesting Star Wars: Visions anime episodes is The Ninth Jedi. We are introduced to a world without Jedi, as lightsabers are banned, so no Force-sensitive person can ever become one. Generations after the universe we know, a group of Sith congregate to wipe out any remaining Jedi. The daughter of a lightsaber-smith rises to the challenge and ends up inspiring others to fight back against the Sith. The episode ends with the heroes being revealed, as they embark on a new adventure to find others to join their fight. A series or movie set in this timeline would be a great way to jump ahead into the Star Wars universe and tell completely brand new stories.

The Ninth Jedi episode also introduces a new concept in Star Wars. That the colour of a lightsaber blade speaks to the heart of its wielder. When the daughter wields her lightsaber, it has no colour. But as she finds her voice and her strength, it changes to green, solidifying her heroic nature. The world presented here is also pretty unique, as it’s a future devoid of Jedis, but one that has room for hope and heroism. A new series could explore this new adventure the character set out on while filling in the back story of this new universe.

The Star Wars: Visions Anime Episode Closest To A Disney Movie

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The T0-B1 episode of Star Wars: Visions is one of the most light-hearted, hopeful and adorable things in the Star Wars universe ever. Imagine if all the cutesy droids in Star Wars could talk, and be expressively cute, instead of just through Beeps and Boops. T0-B1 is just that, a child-like droid who wants nothing more than to be a Jedi. Created by one, the little droid daydreams of having his own adventures and fighting against the Sith. Eventually, he finds his inner Force, wields a lightsaber and becomes a hero. It’s totally a parable for Pinocchio, set in the Star Wars universe.

After the death of his master, and the only father he’s ever known, T0-B1 starts a new life. A movie featuring T0-B1, as he begins this life, discovering his connection to the Force, and the ideals of what it means to be a Jedi, would be absolutely awesome. And similar to the new Star Trek: Prodigy series, it would be a way of introducing Star Wars and the concepts of Jedis to a new, potentially younger audience, as T0-B1 discovers it himself.

All the Star Wars: Visions anime episodes are now streaming on Disney Plus.

Which of these new Star Wars: Visions episodes would you want to see expanded into their own series or movies? Or pitch me your own idea for the episodes I left out, in the comments below.

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